Subway Readers

What started as an Instagram series eventually became a ritual on my daily subway commute in New York City.    I photographed my subjects surreptitiously (all on my iphone): while they were reading actual books  (not kindles or magazines) and others around them were engaged with their devices, listening to music, day dreaming or sleeping.  I am interested in the moment where public intersects private.  What happens to a person while they are absorbed in their book in very public and often crowded space?  And what does their body posture or facial expression tell us?  I like finding little tableaux.   What is happening around the reader?  I took these photos “undercover” because I didn't want the subjects to know they are being photographed.  This helps preserve the naturalness of the setting and more importantly, it protects the intimacy of the moment.

Subway Readers has been exhibited in Stockholm (2016 and 2017)) and Paris (2018).  And hopefully Dublin, Ireland in 2019.  Some images from this series are also in the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York. .